Product Development - Professional
640 EUR  / month

All prices excluding value added tax (MwSt.)

This plan renews automatically.
Cancellation Notice 28 days
Minimum Commitment 1 month

The Product Development PROFESSIONAL plan gives you access to Product Development Lab in 16 flexible sessions (2 hrs each) per month. The use of lab equipment, storage (as available) as well as the use of high-speed internet, coffee, water and fruits and access to community events are included in the monthly fee. fee. Cancellation period: 4 weeks to the end of month

  • Warehouse 1x Pallet
    75.00 EUR / month
  • Warehouse 2x Pallet
    150.00 EUR / month
  • Warehouse 1x Shelf Space (Half Pallet)
    29.00 EUR / month
  • Additional Person
    49.00 EUR / month
  • Storage 1 Trolley
    69.00 EUR / month
  • Storage 1 Box
    25.00 EUR / month
Booking Credits
  • Product Development EG - Station 1, 2 (Hot) / Product Development EG - Stations 3, 4, 5 (Cold)
    Price per hour: 10.00 EUR
    32h/month included (combined)
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